Madeline Moss
In the long run, this scholarship will help not just myself, but others that I will impact in the medical field.
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Dr. Tina George
The Horvat Scholarship provided me with the opportunity to get an excellent undergraduate education.
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Dr. Kyle Berlinski
The Horvat Scholarship had a significant impact on my academic achievement throughout both my undergraduate and graduate curriculum.
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Grace O'Neill
I will be forever grateful to both the late Dr. Horvat and his family, as well as all who are involved with The Horvat Scholarship Foundation.
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  • Madeline Moss
  • Dr. Tina George
  • Dr. Kyle Berlinski
  • Grace O'Neill

The Dr. Arthur J. and Helen Horvat Foundation Scholarship

provides scholarships for deserving students. BB&T is the facilitator of the scholarship fund.

Application Deadline

Due to the Corona Virus outbreak we are extending the deadline for applications to May 31st, 2020.  In addition, in an effort to comply with our Governor’s order to Stay at Home, you may scan and email your 2020-21 application packet to

For privacy reasons, please black out the social security numbers on your parents’ tax return.  If you have any questions regarding the amended application process please call Maureen McAuvic at 570-331-2734.

download fillable application

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Maureen T. McAuvic

Vice President/Relationship Management Consultant

310 Market Street
Kingston, PA 18704


  • Eligibility
    · Applicants must be high school seniors, current college students, or graduate students. 

    · Applicants must have resided within the boundary limits of Duryea, Avoca, Dupont, Pittston City, Pittston Township, Jenkins Township, Yatesville, Hughestown, Suscon, Old Forge, Taylor, Moosic and Ransom Township for at least one year prior to graduating high school and/or completing an application for the Horvat Foundation Scholarship. Addresses will be checked closely for eligibility. 

    · Applicants must be science students. By science students, it is meant a field of study in chemistry, physics, biology, the life sciences, or some other related major leading to a career in the medical or health profession. 

    · High school senior applicants must maintain grades that fall within the top 10% of their class and be participating in an academic curriculum which would qualify them for acceptance into a science-related field. 

    · College applicants must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. 

    · Family income of qualifying students cannot exceed amounts set by Trustees. Current adjusted gross income limitations are: $77,535 for one dependent, $82,183 for two dependents and $86,750 for three or more dependents.
  • Required Materials
    You must submit the following additional materials: 

    Additional Materials Required for BOTH Dependent Students and Independent Students 

    1. Applicants who are graduating from high school must submit an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT with grades, cumulative GPA, RANK IN CLASS, SAT/ACT scores posted through the Spring semester for high school seniors. 

    2. Submit a PHOTOGRAPH. 

    3. Submit a STATEMENT OF LIFE PLANS. This must include your educational goals and vocational goal toward a career in a specific health care field. Including your reasons for your goal choices is important for the Selection Committee. Recommended length is 500 words. 


    5. Dependent students must submit a signed copy of a parent’s FEDERAL TAX FORM 1040 (pages one and two only) for both parents (if applicable) for the latest year these forms were filed. Independent students must submit a signed copy of parent’s FEDERAL TAX FORM 1040 (pages one and two only) for both parents (if applicable) for the latest year these forms were filed AND a signed copy of their FEDERAL TAX FORM 1040 (pages one and two only) for the latest year these forms were filed. 

    Additional Materials Required for Independent Students 

    1. Applicants must be 18 years or older. 

    2. Applicants must maintain permanent residence separate from parents’ or other relatives’ home. Evidence of separate address must be included with application (ie. copy of driver’s license, voter registration, etc.). Evidence must be dated prior to the date of the application. Applicant must submit a signed copy of their lease agreement. 

    3. Applicants must submit a budget statement showing income and expenses. 

    4. Submit a copy of health insurance card, car registration and cover sheet from auto insurance policy all evidencing student as owner. Exception: Students up to age 26 may be covered under parents’ health insurance per Affordable Care Act of 2010. 

    5. Applicants must submit a copy of student loan account balance. 

    6. Applicants must submit signed copies of personal income tax returns (Federal) for BOTH applicants and parents (Note: If you are not claimed by your parents and did not file taxes on your own, you must submit in writing a statement that you had no earned income and did not file a tax return). 

    7. Applicants cannot be considered for independent status if any of the following statements are true: 

    · Applicant will be a college freshman. 

    · Applicant is claimed as a dependent on parents’ federal or state income tax return. 

    · Applicant is covered under parents’ health, dental or automobile insurance. See exception above under Number 4. 

    · Applicant lives in a home with the parents at any time during a calendar year. 

    · Applicant’s automobile is registered in parent’s name. 

    8. ALL proof of independent status (i.e., health insurance card, car registration, voter registration card, etc.) must be dated prior to the date of the application.
  • Value of Scholarship
    The number of recipients and the amount of each scholarship may vary from year to year due to fluctuations in the Fund’s value and/or applicable document restrictions. Subject to the trust terms, the awards are only to be applied to the cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies and should not exceed these costs. Scholarship awards must be used in the year they are awarded. 

    Failure to submit the required materials will result in the permanent loss of the scholarship. Unused funds must be returned to the Dr. Arthur J. and Helen Horvat Foundation Scholarship. 
  • Schools You Can Attend
    Recipients may attend any accredited, public or private, two-year or four-year college, university, technical college or graduate school. All recipients must be full-time each semester and working toward a degree in science. By science, it is meant a field of student in chemistry, physics, biology, the life sciences, or some other related major leading to a career in the medical or health profession. 

    The institution must be an educational organization that normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and normally has a regularly enrolled body of pupils or students in attendance at the place where its educational activities are regularly carried on. To the extent the institution is involved in the selection of the recipients (if at all), such involvement must comply with the Fund’s policy of awarding scholarships on an objective and non-discriminatory basis as well as the Fund’s Conflict of Interest Policy. 

    Inability to Attend Consecutive Semesters 

    Extenuating circumstances requiring a student to sit out a semester must be explained in writing to BB&T. You will be notified of the final decision. If a recipient is out for a semester, then that semester is forfeited. 
  • Selection
    Applicants who successfully meet ALL the eligibility requirements, including the residency requirement, and who meet the filing deadline requirements are selected to receive the scholarship. 

    Scholarship Recipient Notification 

    All recipients will be notified by email. 

    Renewable Scholarship 

    Scholarship may be renewable. All applicants must submit a new complete application each year.
  • Current Horvat Scholars
    You must be a declared science student to receive a scholarship.

    You must re-apply each school year to receive a scholarship.

    You must submit an official transcript and an original invoice from your school at the end of each semester. Printouts of grades and bills from the school website WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Medical School students must also submit a letter from their school stating that the student is in Good Standing.

    You must notify the Trustee immediately if you change your major.